An immersive and data rich



Connect with team members or clients in private or public

rooms and utilize sideshows, synced video playback (including 360), surveys with real time results, and multimedia to communicate your ideas.

Your digital twin


Convert a photo into a 3D rendered avatar with full facial animation, social expression and lip sync.


Allowing you to have the ultimate presence in virtual reality.

(Spinview platform account required).

Spinview's Agority platform helps you immerse your team, your clients and stakeholders in a real-world environments for effective and engaging meetings without them leaving their desks, let alone their city.


The key benefit is the combination of the flexibility of on-line collaboration with the

interactivity and social presence of face-to-face meetings for more satisfying and effective working.


Features of the app include sharing presentations and video, creating custom surveys

with real time results, and more.


You can design a space appropriate to the meeting so up to 8 people can focus and

communicate with each-other in any environment you choose - from the Agority lobby to a tropical rain-forest.


Agority helps you create a workspace designed to encourage a culture of sharing without the cost and time to get people physically in the same office.

Agority is a VR meeting tool, immersing up to 8 people in

real-world environments for effective and engaging


Unlocking the value of data with visual intelligence.

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